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Advice for Resolving Conflicts with Roommates

Last updated 4 years ago

In cities like Long Island and Manhattan, it’s rare for single, young adults to have two- or three-bedroom apartments all to themselves. Because rent is so high on the East Coast, most people prefer to share an apartment with one or more roommates. Unfortunately, living with a person doesn’t necessarily mean you will get along. You can put your things in a storage facility until you find a new place to live, or you can try to resolve the conflict with these tips.

Communicate Directly

Passive-aggressiveness can quickly escalate minor conflicts into major problems, so try to communicate directly with your roommate whenever you have a problem with his or her behavior. Choose a good time to sit down with your roommate and openly discuss the problems you are having and how to correct them. Try to keep your emotions in check, as the point is to resolve the conflict, not make matters worse.

Use the Lease

If your words aren’t having an effect, perhaps a copy of the lease will help curb your roommate’s obnoxious or illegal activity. The lease provides details on the rules of the apartment, such as quiet hours, trash disposal, pets, parking, and overnight guests. If your roommate no longer feels that he or she can uphold the requirements of the lease, suggest they try to sub-let their room to someone who can abide by the rules.

Ask Your Landlord for Help

As a last ditch effort to resolve an on-going conflict with your roommate, approach your landlord with the problem as ask for help finding a solution. Some landlords and building managers may be willing to send your roommate a “reminder” letter about the expectations of living in the apartment. If things get any worse and a lease term has been broken, your landlord will need to begin eviction proceedings.

Some conflicts can’t be resolved, which is why you can count on Men on the Move for fast moving services in Long Island and the surrounding areas. Whether you’ve already found a new apartment or need to keep your things in self-storage, we are your local and long distance moving and storage provider. To learn more about our services, call us at (718) 618-5456.


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