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    An Inside Look at a NYC Micro Apartment

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Nothing is better than living in a beautiful city like New York! But living here can also be overwhelming if you are on your own. That is because many of the city’s housing options are more suitable for families or larger groups of residents.

    Luckily, singles and couples can find the perfect amount of space in micro apartments! These super-small living spaces offer just the right amount of space with none to spare. Micro apartments can provide a comfortable living environment with help from multi-purpose furniture. Watch this video to see one of these apartments for yourself.


    Make your move into a micro apartment as easy as possible by hiring Men on the Move. See if our moving and self-storage services are right for your upcoming move by calling us today at (516) 773-6683!

    Spotlight on New York City's Micro Apartments

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Who says you need more space? If you live in New York City, you may need less space! The city that never sleeps has become a popular residential spot for singles and couples. This is why New York City has a slew of micro apartments to cater to its growing population.

    Apartments are smaller than homes, and micro apartments are smaller than traditional apartments! These housing options utilize a variety of space-saving techniques and designs to provide New Yorkers with everything they need to feel relaxed and comfortable while at home. Micro apartments are typically around 300 square feet, providing the right amount of space without any extras. Residents stay comfortable by utilizing space-saving furniture and design styles.

    If you are getting ready to move into a micro apartment, get the help you need from Men on the Move. Call us today at (516) 773-6683 to hear about our moving and self-storage services. 


    Having Elderly Parents Move In

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Before an elderly parent moves into your home, discuss the new situation with your spouse or partner to ensure that everyone feels the same about the arrangement. You should also consider medical care and medications that your elderly parent might need. Create some rules and boundaries that keep everyone comfortable and happy. To learn more about easing this transition, check out this video.

    Men on the Move is here for all of your major life transitions with quality movers and a secure storage facility. We make it easy to start a new chapter. To learn more about our Manhattan moving company, call us at (516) 773-6683.

    3 Tips for Living with Your Adult Child as a Senior

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Moving in with your adult child can be challenging. If you have made the decision to give up your own home and move in with one of your children, use the following tips to make the arrangement pleasant for everyone:

    Show Your Gratitude
    The dynamic of living with a child in his own home is much different than when you lived together in your home. If you want to make the best of the situation, try to maintain a positive attitude. Show your gratitude to your child so he knows how much you appreciate him sharing his home. Make an effort not to get mad about small things. If you keep a positive attitude, everyone else is likely to as well.

    Communicate Freely
    It is more important than ever to communicate well when you move into your child’s house. Before the moving company even comes to pick up your belongings, talk to your child about your expectations for the transition. Ask your child to talk to you about his normal family routine and how you will fit into it. After you move, maintain open communication.

    Help Where You Can
    No one expects you to clean the entire house, but there are probably a few small chores for which you can take responsibility. If you want to handle the cooking a few days a week or fold laundry, the extra hands may serve as a big help to your child.

    Men on the Move can ensure that you and your belongings safely transition to your child’s house. As one of the best moving companies on Long Island, we work hard to meet all of your needs. With a staff of movers who are responsible and dedicated, we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. To learn more about our moving and storage services, call us at (516) 773-6683.

    Trends in Smaller Square Foot Homes

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Smaller homes are gaining popularity among the public. Many people are opting to say goodbye to spacious interiors and instead choose cozy living arrangements. Some people throughout the country are living in homes the size of other people’s bedrooms. In fact, a man in Iowa City resides in a space that is only 140 square feet! With less space to clean, no way to hold onto clutter, and an intimate feeling in the home, this smaller downsized lifestyle has certain benefits for families of all sizes.

    Whether you want to move into a smaller or bigger space, Men on the Move is here to help. We provide the movers and storage facilities you need to seamlessly transition into your next phase. To learn more about our moving services or to make a reservation, take a look at our website or give our helpful moving team a call today at (516) 773-6683.

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