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Moving Tips

Last updated 6 years ago

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Before you tackle your move we encourage you to review these helpful tips and suggestions. We’ve found these to not only be time-savers but in most cases back-savers and cost saving tips! The following is a list of Men On The Move’s tried and true suggestions for you!

  • Make sure you have phone service on the move day.
  • If possible, have your children and pets taken care of by a friend or relative.
  • Order your FREE box delivery well in advance of your move so you can get started packing.
  • If you are doing the packing, pack a certain number of cartons each day to ensure everything that can be boxed is packed by move day. Items that are not boxed can cause delays and unnecessary added expense to your move.
  • Write a brief description of the contents of each box on side (not the top) of the box so you can locate the items you want when the boxes are stacked. Give the box a destination: “Suzie’s Room”, then at the new home, have a sign posted on all the rooms with the correct names.
  • The contents of your dresser drawers DO NOT necessarily need to be emptied. Only pack items that are not clothing or if the furniture is over sized.
  • Desks and large cabinets must be emptied.
  • Pack your fridge the morning of the move into a cooler or a moving box. It should be the last box on the truck and first one off.
  • Have things taken apart if you can. For instance, cribs, headboards, footboards, mirrors that are attached to dressers, and table legs that must come off, etc.
  • Even try to unplug and wind up television/stereo/computer cords, lamps and shades, disconnect the cable boxes and don’t forget to pack the tray inside the microwave!
  • It’s these little things that add up and can save you money if you take care of them.

Of course, if you are unable or not inclined to do these things, then Men On The Move is ready, willing and able to do all of these things and more! Be sure to use our contact page to reach us.

To learn more visit our website: Men on the Move Tips


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All About Men on the Move

Men on the Move was founded in 1985, beginning with a moving company and then later expanding to include self-storage. Our headquarters is in Floral Park, NY and we primarily focus on the East Coast’s moving and storage needs. We have four main locations for self-storage which consist of Floral Park, Glen Cove, Huntington, and Islandia. We specialize in moves originating from the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island and Westchester. We also move long distance from Maine to Florida, covering all 16 states and back to the New York metro area.

As part of this philosophy, we are members of various industry associations that contribute to the integrity of the moving industry, including the New York Mover’s and Warehousemen’s Association as well as the Long Island Moving and Storage Association. Our founder and sole owner, John Beyer, is a very well-known and respected professional in the moving industry. He is the President and Chairman of the Long Island Moving and Storage Association and Director of the Board of the New York State Movers & Warehouseman’s Association. In those capacities, Mr. Beyer was instrumental in helping raise the bar to improve the level of integrity of the moving industry.

Our goal is to be the moving and storage company that customers and peers perceive to be the best in the business. We have a profound commitment to service and our clients are our number one concern. For more information or to schedule your next move, give us a call or visit our website.

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